RR&B consists of multiple annual fundraising events benefitting Louisiana military charities with various spin off events for other very worthy causes.

Competitive Softball Tournament

July 29-31, 2022
2615 Oak Villa Boulevard, Baton Rouge, LA 70815

This without a doubt is the backbone of RR&B and the top charity softball-kick ball tournament in the state of Louisiana. It may be the top tournament, period, if you listen to those who participate and play loyally each year. Our latest tournament drew a staggering total of nearly 80 teams to Oak Villa Softball Complex, up from roughly 35 teams just several years before.

This tournament has simply exploded.

“The Doucet/Begnaud Invitational” was first founded in the summer of 1994 in Jacques Doucet’s backyard. That inaugural softball tournament gathered a modest four teams to Maurice, Louisiana. Inspired by star Kevin Kosner’s iconic movie “Field of Dreams”, Doucet and his friends constructed the quirky park from wooden posts and chicken wire. Once it was built, they indeed did come.

Through the years the tournament outgrew quaint Doucet Field, shifting to Picard Park down the road in Milton in 2002, before making the big jump to Pelican Park in Carencro several years later. It was then that best friend and event co-founder Taylor Begnaud presented the idea of making the tournament a charity fundraiser for Louisiana military. Begnaud had served in the army during the 90′s, primarily in Kuwait-based operations overseas. His service, combined with fresh wounds of 9-11 made the cause a no brainer, with the primary focus being LOCAL servicemen.

The first charity tournament in the summer of 2007 made quite a debut, raising $21,000. After years of holding the event in the Lafayette area close to Jacques and Taylor’s home as an annual reunion of sorts, the fundraising potential of Baton Rouge could no longer be ignored. The tournament shifted to the state’s capitol in 2010, and has stayed there since.

Kick ball was a popular addition in 2012 and the participation has quickly multiplied. The players love the sport and have further spiked RRB’s revenue totals.

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